As a leading chamber management System provider in Bangladesh, Ukil Diary holds the strongest position among similar companies.

Since its launch in this current year, Ukil Diary has always focused on its customer satisfaction and products.   

People like UKIL DIARY for its three-dimensional activities:

For its management capabilities:

  1. Only because, UKIL DIARY is a complete chamber management application by which you can preserve all short of relevant important documents with full security.
  2. Case by Case information is accommodated through the Ukil Diary chamber management system. You will get updated information and the date of your case for which you will not face any trouble.
  3. For every individual client there is a separate independent dashboard facility by which you can handle your case client by client through this management system application.
  4. Easily you can get individual client bills, dues, and accounts management through this application.
  5. Special security and its assurance management controlling system facility for others advocates officials and staff of the chamber by which anyone junior or staff can be given access with their demand as per the desire of the main controller.

For its Auto motional workforce activities:

  1. Irrespective of each case, Ukil Diary can make Hazira automatically which will accelerate your workforce.
  2. Advocate and client both will get an SMS through their cell phone one day in advance before the fixed date of the case. As a result, no parties will not forget the date of the case.
  3. Information and date of all transferred case updates will be given automatically through the UKIL Diary.

And for its Outstanding exceptional advantages:

  1. General drafting of any case like time petition, bell petition, etc. will be possible to get by a click with print facilities.
  2. Each and every account debit credit statement of the chamber with preserved facilities advantage.
  3. All previous bills and due bills having seen facilities and printing advantages.

UKIL Diary Uniquely Powerful

  1. We have built UKIL Diary as technological access for every individual lawyer, even end-users. Maybe you may feel like “you are in some unavoidable circumstances or fallen in minor or even major trouble or stand on a new kind of interface” Getting UKIL Diary’s help can make you shoot out from any traces.
  2. UKIL Diary is the fastest, most precious and adoptable chamber management system provider of its kind and we want to know how you would like to use it!

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